Côtes de Gascogne Indication Geographique Protégée

GRAPES : 100% Sauvignon.

VISUAL ASPECT: Beautiful pale yellow color.
BOUQUET : The nose is lightly peppered with notes of boxwood and mint
generated by the Sauvignon.
TASTE : A very well balanced wine. The Sauvignon has similar character to 
Ugni Blanc and gives good structure as well as remarkable fruity aromas, in
particular those of ripe peaches and pineapple.

ACCOMPANIMENTS : Fresh and festive, this wine can be served as a
complement for shellfish, fish, white meats and cheeses.

VINIFICATION : Foliar spraying. Grape maturity controlled. Night harvesting to
keep grapes fresh. Cold stabilization of 4 to 8 days. Vinification at low 
temperatures. Use of inert gas during press to prevent oxidation.

CONSERVATION : To guarantee youthful aromas, this wine is best
consumed within 2 years. Lie down in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.