Blanche D’Armagnac

– Apellation d’Origine Contrôlée –

GOLD MEDAL EAUZE 2007 – 1st Contest
GOLD MEDAL PARIS 2007 – 1st Contest

This new AOC is made exclusively from the distillation of the domain’s wines. The “Blanche d’Armagnac” has been distilled in Gascony for centuries. We use the traditional alambic Armagnac still to produce this elegant and perfumed eau-de-vie. It is only after tasting that one can fully appreciate the unique character of this Blanche d’Armagnac.

GRAPE : 100% Folle Blanche.

VISUAL ASPECT : Transparent and lucid.
BOUQUET : The nose is very floral, a mixture of
rose and hyacinth.
TASTE : The mouth is supple and velvety.
Marked flavors of pear and white peaches.

or in cocktails. (see below & more info Download section)


Blanche Orange :
Blanche (1/5), orange juice (4/5), splash of grenadine.

Blue Blanche :
Blanche (1/5), cloudy lemonade (4/5), soup spoon of curaçao.

Latin’ Blanche :
Blanche (2/3), crushed lime, sugar cane syrup (1/3), crushed ice, can be made into a long drink with tonic or sparkling mineral water..

La Rose Blanche :
Blanche (3/5), lemon juice (1/5), strawberry syrup (1/5)..