carafe-jackBas-Armagnac Appellation d’Origine Protégée

Our Bas-Armagnacs are exclusively made from the distillation of estate wines and are produced and aged following the traditional ancestral methods – distilled once in a continuous Armagnac still, then aged in Gascony oak barrels in our cellar until bottling.

Our minimalist intervention allows these Armagnacs to express themselves freely. Their personalities are the pure results of the distillation and oak aging.

At Papolle, vintages are sold at their natural degrees of aging in barrels.


Millésime 1989 : (44°) Grapes harvested in 1989. Deep orange color, with a lightly mentholated character on the nose. Smooth in the mouth with citrus fruits and a bit of cacao. Delicacy predominates, and the finish gives an everlasting impression. The 1989 is the finest Armagnac in our range.

Millésime 1987 Folle Blanche : Grapes harvested in 1987.  Typical of the variety Folle Blanche, it is a powerful eau-de-vie in which the alcohol content is softened by the aromatic richness of the grapes and it’s aging in barrel.  Folle Blanche is a wonder of strength. This 1987 will seduce lovers of spirits seeking new discoveries.

Millésime 1986 : (46°) A reserved Bas Armagnac, “brut de fut”, which will satisfy lovers of unique Armagnacs.

Millésime 1984 : (43°) Gold with orange highlights, this Bas Armagnac is well balanced with strong notes of cherry and secondary wood character on the nose and mouth.

Millésime 1982 : (42°) A strong amber color with brown reflections, a nose of dried fruit and toasted almonds. This Bas Armagnac boasts a strong finish with aromas of molten wood.

Millésime 1981 : (40,6°) This Bas-Armagnac has strong character with black sherry and crystallized fig on the nose. It is full and rounded on the mouth with lovely oak character.

Millésime 1978 : (45°) A soft nose with hints of stone fruits, specifically yellow peach and apricot. Elegant, fruity and feminine on the tongue.

Millésime 1977 : (42°) A sweet, slightly oxidized nose with caramel and chocolate notes, to be savored by connoisseurs.

Millésime 1975 : (43°) Golden color and a nose of stewed orange and black plum. Additional fruit aromas of mature apricot, black plum and apple give smoothness in the mouth.

Millésime 1974 : (45°) Grapes harvested in 1974 on the estate. A well-balanced Bas-Armagnac, at its peak. Character is further enhanced by gentle warming in the hand.

Millésime 1973 : (44°) Grapes harvested in 1973 on the estate. An eau-de-vie for the connoisseur who knows to take the time needed to gently warm in the hand before discovering the subtlety of a great Bas-Armagnac. The most honored in competitions.